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The following testimonials are from students who have attended classes and workshops taught by Curtis Johnson. Their names have not been posted out of respect for their privacy.

"It (EFT workshop) helps you choose a different way to look at problems and to choose to be in charge of your life and change your energy."

"This class has given me a new avenue of interest on how to help myself."

"Curtis is a very caring, kind and knowledgeable teacher. Thanks for the great class Curtis. I learned a lot."

"It's (self-hypnosis class) worth taking to help you realize what you have been hiding from yourself....It will set you free! And help you "get over it" I feel much better for having taken this course."

"I used the methods I learned for smoking cessation. It worked! I am four weeks tobacco-free after 40 years"

"You have to be open to the information, it helps if you are. Self-Hypnosis is about inner dialogue/self talk. It is not what it has been portrayed as. I like the journeys I took with myself. I am smoke free!"

"Curtis Johnson promotes a positive atmosphere for self improvement."

"This is an excellent class to help you develop the means to open and relax your mind, to help you strengthen yourself and find strength and power internally to enable you to accomplish all you desire and to reach your pure potentiality."

"Curtis does an excellent job of teaching this class. He is one of the kindest persons I have met in a long time. He is very genuine, caring and has a great sense of humor. Thanks Curtis!  

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Stop smoking or chewing with less stress and no weight gain using hypnosis.

Release unwanted behaviors such as binge eating or sugar addictions. Learn to love the body you are in using hypnosis.

Learn to develop an environment of peace, by letting go of negative thought patterns using hypnosis.